As a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America, we refer you to our denominational website for resources regarding our beliefs. Click on the words, “Good News”, for a summary of our beliefs as a congregation. If you want to discuss anything about our beliefs, please contact our pastor or one of the other elders.

Here is a link to the Westminster Confession, the Westminster Shorter Catechism and the Westminster Larger Catechism. Click on the words, Westminster Confession, where you will find a more complete statement of our beliefs.

For an online graphical and textual presentation of the good news revealed in the Bible, click on the word “English” below:


If you have questions about the Christian faith, or about the beliefs of RRPC, please feel free to speak to the Teaching Elder or to one of the Ruling Elders. They will be glad to discuss these matters with you, and to commend you to faith in Christ the Redeemer. Our desire is that this would be a church where Christ the Redeemer grows faith and builds His family.